Family Promise

Anne Pipho

Family Promise of Greater Denver is dedicated to providing shelter, meals, and supportive services to families experiencing homelessness on the path to self-sufficiency.

Family Promise of Greater Denver began serving families experiencing homelessness in 1997. Since then, we've helped more than 1,200 families, including 2,000 children. We're part of a national network of 200+ affiliates that partner with faith communities to provide shelter, meals, and hospitality for families.  Holy Cross began participating in the Family Promise Program in 2017.



Volunteer:  Volunteers are the heart of our mission!

  • Give back at our Day Site, a safe space for families to be during the day.

  • Give back at a local congregation during the Host week.

  • Join a Committee.

  • Become a Life Skills Teacher.

  • Join our Compadres Program.

  • Create your own fundraiser for Family Promise.


  • It costs $37.50 to shelter a family of 3 each night.

  • $50 pays for a budgeting incentive gift card for families.

  • $100 provides 4 emergency gift cards for family's appointments and job interviews.

  • $153 keeps one child safely housed through our Diversion/Prevention Program.

Volunteer Roles Within Holy Cross Include:

  • Driver: A driver drives a 15 passenger van to the Day Site, leaving the host church at 7am each morning. Guests are picked up from the Day Site at 5pm each evening.

  • Dinner Hosts: Guests will arrive at the host congregation around 5:30 pm each day. Dinner hosts prepare and serve a hot meal each evening.

  • Evening Hosts: After dinner, guests relax and prepare sack lunches for the following day. There are opportunities for children to do homework, play, or participate in supervised activities.

  • Childcare: Volunteers provide daycare two nights per week while parents are in hour-long classes held at the host congregation.

  • Overnight Hosts: Two people will stay overnight with the guests at the host congregation.

  • Other Responsibilities: Breakfast hosts; Sunday set-up and clean-up; Donations; Laundry; Special activities.


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